Board of Directors

What does the Board of Directors of United Way of Eastern Utah do?

1) Define and support our mission
2) Maintain a strategic planning process
3) Approve the selection, evaluation and, if necessary, termination of the chief executive
4) Ensure financial accountability and stability
5) Oversee and evaluate program activities
6) Carry out all functions of the office of Board Member and/or officer as defined in the bylaws. 

Board of Directors 2020-2021

Board President: Nick Tatton
Board Vice President: Jamiee Tolich
Board Secretary: Aubrie Carpenter 
Board Treasurer: Greg Cook

Board Members 2020-2021

Thomas Sitterud
Kyle Heffernan
Erroll Holt
Cody Bunderson
Taren Powell
Chandra Mathis
Jared Haddock
Mark Morley
Geri Gamber
Ethan Migliori

Interested in serving on United Way of Eastern Utah's Board?

We are now accepting applications. Click here to apply! Call 435-637-8911 with questions.